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The Quick-Slow


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The concept of the Quick-Slow is part of the project art and sports. In skydiving - while free falling - overalls are painted. The beginning of it was 2001 at skydiving in Tunesia. The first overalls are ready. We are sorry that it is not possible to get the video by the cameraman. The overall of the artist was tailored especially for this project by fabric having been painted by him before. The above collages of material were made out of the remaining fabric of the artists overall. The project is goin on. And later there will be a video as well.



The fabric


The overalls

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The conception


The Quick-Slow
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The most important element of concept-art is the idea – more important than the performance. If the idea is connected with the performance concept-action is arising.


We live in quick times. Speed is life-style. This is good. This is bad. Good because of more information, work, time off, thrill. To live in thrill of speed means to accelerate god kronos so much that he nearly will not be noticed. Annihilation of time by speed. Bad by a mentality of high flyer. Finiteness nearly will not be noticed. Slowlyness, calmness, leisure, meditation is missing. The spirit becomes dependent of motion and is revolting if only still pictures are presented. I want both, the quick speed and the slow, want to connect both in two one after the other performances. To create a synthesis between quick and slow.


A. 6 overalls (3 x female = blue, 3 x male = red) in which there are people being painted by me with markers while falling through the gas-tunnel: 6 people, 6 overalls, 6 jumps, 6 drawings. Each performance will be 60 seconds long. It is composed of a model (woman or man), the actor (drawing artist) and a cameraman who, in freefalling lying above the artist and his model, is fixing the performance by his electromagnetic machine.

B. These overalls after the high-speed-action will be exposed to a meditation. Lines, points, archs, symbols who were developed in 60 seconds now in 60 minutes slowliness will be painted after in the opposite colours - red to blue and blue to red.

C. When this is finished the clothes will be fixed on monochrome black surface and be hanged on the wall of a room for exhibition. During the vernissage the shortened and prolonged illusionary video (recording of the performance) will be projected by a beamer which will throw the moving pictures on what it was taken from before.



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