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Stones of the earth

christian staudinger


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The work on stones in nature is part of a project including all continents on this planet.

On each continent there will be work on at least one stone. The material (sandstone, marble, granite, size, colour ec) is of nealy no importance for the concept. It will be taken what is there.

The beginning was in 1993 with 5 stones in Perris Valley/USA. It continued 1999 in Sinai/Egypt near the oasis Ain Hudra in the near of Dahab. Thereby the project has been carried to Amerika and Asia. Europe, Afrika and Australia are waiting.

It is worth that the particular religious, cultural and commercial specialities of the actual place, state, people will be respected and will find consideration. For instance in Sinai there was not only the need but also the wish - because of the muslim belief on this place - to form the stones in a way that there will be no realistic images of men or animals. Not creating figures which could be used for idol worship but the attempt to give artistic form to what is already there in a way that there will be no dissens to the surrounding in which the sculpures are. That means - in a catalysic sence - just to strenghten and make deeper what already is given. Not creating opposition but bring off creative harmonies.

The work in Amerika is done. In Sinai 4 stones are ready. The inhabitants called them "Staudingerrocks". The local tourist-organizations offer trips to the canyon with "Staudingerrocks" by jeep or camel. This canyon before nearly nobody had known except some very old Beduins. 6 more stones are waiting. It would be nice if the responsible authorities in Egypt would give me permisson to fulfill my work under exclusion of the public, for instance tourists.

Berlin, January 2001



Stones of the earth in Sinai


The asia-sculptures are in the today so called Closed Canyon at Dahab near the oasis Ain Hudra in Sinai. Before nearly nobody had known this canyon except an old Beduin of Sheik Dagalli - in former times they called it Massacre Canyon. Today the sculptures have been changed by tourists with graffiti and others. A lot of tourist-caravans nowadays go into the Closed Canyon to Staudingerrocks:


sculptures in sinai


tourists at closed canyon

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Art in Amerika
Stones of the earth in Amerika













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