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Synthesis of symbols

peace in the world - synthesis of symbols


The Symbol-synthesis was realized as an oil-painting, printing & seal ring

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The idea lying under the materialization is the fact that by symbols content, opinions, attitudes in good and bad can be transported. Controversary up to wars often are a result of deeply rooted divergences - for instance in systems of religion which still today take great influance to moral and acting of people.

The attempt is by fusion of the single symbols, standing for a whole system of belief, to express hope that by artistical interleaving, overlaps and insemination the other system could be understood and be felt so that in best case something new will arise what will content the positive usefull elements of the other. A new symbol what is carryer of the old signs qualifying them by fusion.

Form, represented for instance by drawing, seal ring, fresco, serigraph, painting is not yet creating content and can be changed to the contrary as we experianced with the Hakenkreuz which for the Hindus and Hopis stands for fertility. Abused by the fascists, changed to the contrary this positive symbol today is not allowed to be used in Europe. It is discredited worldwide.

So the symbol-synthesis has to be loaded with content what can be done if people from different systems of belief sit together and talk about their reservations. Fusion. Understanding of the foreign without fear - necessary exercise special nowadays.






1. The sun wheal (Hakenkreuz)
Stands for hindu-belief and nature-belief-systems of the Hopis, the old Greek and Romans. Special with this symbol is the rape by National Socialism and it is necessary, also in the separate appearance of right- and left-turn, again to transform it in its old and positive state.

2. The Jewish badge
Stands for jewish belief and its sub-systems

3. The wheal of the Buddhists
Stands for buddhistic belief and its modifications

4. The crucifix of the Christians
Stands for the christian belief - catholic, protestantic, coptic, sects and contemplative orders etc.

5. The muslim demilume
Stands for the islam beliefe and the trends in this movement



Hakenkreuz as the oldest, followed by the Jewish badge, wheal of the Buddhists, crucifix of the Christians and the muslim demilume as the youngest



Hakenkreuz - black
Jewish badge - blue
Wheal of the Buddhists - red
Crucifix of the Christians - brown
Muslim demilume - green




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