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Adolf Hitler 007
Speech of the artist at the vernissage on 11/9/2007

"Gerdchen, Gerdchen", the actress Kirsten Heiberg said to my father in bracelets sitting in the train in the year 43. She had known him as he was the waiter in the Hotel "Vierjahreszeiten" in Bavaria, where the upper ten thousand used to stay. With their concubines. After years meeting again my father, whom she had known before. In the train. In bracelets. Guarded by men from the SS. They went to the court in Munich. The crime of my father: homosexuality. The judgement already was clear. Death by hanging him. "Gerdchen, Gerdchen, you really are not gay!" Mrs. Heiberg said to my father. And promised to give some good words about him to her friend Goebbels. The outcome of this life-saving intervention: no trial. And convention to the front in the east. Here he should verify his manliness.

His father, my grandfather, was not so lucky. He was killed by the SD in the torture-basements of Erfurt. Although his sun, successful as a man in Russia, wearing the EKII, had intervened. Why did they kill him? He had given bread, meet and milk. More than he was allowed to. For the working slaves. Allocated by the III. Reich. To his hotel. Grandfather was German national. Loyal to the emperor. But times had changed. There was no more an emperor. And the democracy was removed by the revolutionaries. Guilt increasing he had, like Hindenburg, devalued the Fuehrer as a hous-painter. In the pub. Was denounced by the teacher of the village. An educated. A few days after Wilhelm was dead.

My mother: BDM-leader (league of German girls). Abused by Philip, her father, as a shield of protection. He was one of the founders of KPD (communistic party) in his village. Very German province. Was hiding his communism behind his daughter which of course was enthusiastic with the new national socialism without hunger and loss of work – at least if going to the Arbeitsfront (German labor front). The proletarians never before had so good times. Deeply moved in heart like the most. Not only the young girls. And the youth was highest property.

What was the outcome of all this? What is continuing in the sun who will not accept the "mercy of late birth"? When the black fabric is falling, the exhibition is beginning, everybody will be able to judge.




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