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Ulrich's death

bruder ulrich


Ulrich died as a result of arbitrariness of the state



Below the document about his suicide

tod in der u-bahn


sorry, translation for poems not possible for us


In: Christian Staudinger (1989)
Über mir bin es
Gedichte & Zeichnungen
means: above me am it
poems and drawings


zeichnung todesjacke

Jacket of death


The following video about the death of the brother openes in new tab on YouTube
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video about the death of the brother


A memorial for the brother

On 15th of October 1981 the 4 years jounger brother commited suicide. He jumpt at Berlin-subway to the metro. Also like this victims of the wall can look like although he was not shot at the wall. We are sorry for removing "This is the end" by "The Doors" - Uli's favorite.


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