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Christian W. Staudinger, Berlin

To make it sure there is no address as the artist in former years already got murder threats because of his art. Who is allowed will get the address after request.


The artist has no influence to the linked sites. Therefor he is not responsable for them, their content, their design or possible outcome. If illegal content will be discovered, the link immediately will be removed. If somebody will find illegal content, please give information.


All kind of usage of personal data on this website by third persons, especially for promotion, is forbidden.


Everything, all pictures, videos, contents of this website are copyrighted. Without written permission and personal signature of the artist or those who gave us licence the content is not allowed to be stored electronical, nor dublicated,edited, reproduced, not manufactured, circulated, being brought on to other mediums or being commercialized in any kind.


This website was made in best knowledge & belief without warranty for correctness, completeness or actuality. Especially the visual arts could possibly differ from the original in colour and effect as they are shown by digitalised fotos. The content of third persons is marked and does not underly the responsibility of the artist. When getting known of violation of law what kind ever these contents will be removed at once. Please give information in this case. The trasmisson of datas in internet may have some security gaps. Responsibility for that is excluded.


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A Twitter-account under my name showing videos & photos of my paintings
was not registered by me and does not show my political positions.

last update: 05/31/15

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