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We have to say thank you and like to do it.

First of all there is a big thank you for the childhood-friend KDW. As a mathematician he brought us with pation througt the valleys of desperation about modern machines and was a good coach for us with the computer. Without him the Mac never would have been ordered and installed. Without his encouragement this website would not exist. The next to thank is SK who is familiar with all the little signs which work in the background but make the amateur scary and who never became tired to help and let us take part in his talent and knowledge and experiance in the "brave new world".

Thank you also to the artist. If he had not been bearing all the years long what often seemed unbearable, he would have cancelled his profession. Instead of this he refused buckling his talent and tireless created a work which will long, here and elsewhere in the world. We also feel thankful to the parents of the artist for not breaking his back and for carrying the burden with love and humor which was bringing such a flibbertigibbet short after been born into the family. Special thanks go to the father, who tirelessly and early produced 8mm- and later Super8-films, set up a darkroom for the development of his photos and promoted his son, as he familiarized him with the technique at an early age. And there is a thank you for the wife of the artist who stayed close to him and was carrying with him what the waiver of the former profession, promising money and career, brought them.

Thanks to all the friends, not having left the artist. Special thanks to the friend and karateka Hans Briese who helped the artist to find peace. And thanks to the Open Channel Berlin (today AlexTV) giving the artist a forum. Last not least a big thank you to all the conversational partners and models who partly in younger years or later made themselves available.

Finally there were a lot of helpers in internet. Instead of a lot thanks to Andre Reinegger who should be mentioned with his Video-Tutorial by Video2brain, helping not to despair with a program being special. Paul Hemetsberger has developed an internet-dictionary and without the english version would be poor. Thanks to him and his helpers.



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