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This website is a monographic show of the artist - not complete but substantial. In the gallery you will find oil-paintings - in different style, technique & size

abstraktes gemälde

and also a little impression about the outcome of 10 years nude-study:


Collages, frescos & drawings are not missing as well as dry-points, oil-crayon-paintings, serigraphs & aquarells.


The first paintings the artist made as a child and they also are added.


In the statuary you will get an impression about his sculptures, statuettes & objects.


The photo-gallery shows art work with photos and collages of photos but also a sound-slide-show and slides the artist made drawings on in times the internet did not yet exist.


His political-art could be hard to digest for someone. To this part his involvement with Adolf Hitler belongs as well as the one with the second German dictatorship, the GDR.


In conceptual-art very few concepts are shown, partly realized, partly - because of financial reasons - existing only as an idea.


Postcards arose in the early years of art work as well as two little books with poems & drawings.


Since more than 20 years the artist is doing video art work. Before internet and YouTube the art-videos were published in the so called Open channel Berlin, today AlexTV. They are, usually shortened and bereaved their music, partly on YouTube (linked), partly here on the site.


Finally there of course are some informations about the artist, his life & work.

christian staudinger


That and a good deal more...


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